Texting & Driving: Is Letting Technology Take the Wheel Good or Not?

I yap all the time on here about how we don’t think enough when we purchase technology. We usually buy products to mold our lives around instead of doing it the proper way–buying technology that already  fits the lives we lead and our respective needs.

Here’s more proof to support my theory: Hands free texting for automobiles.

Do you remember whne  Nissan introduced the new “hands-free texting assistant” early this year?ImageFunny. It seems like only yesterday we voted for the ‘No Texting While Driving Law” and watched commercials about victims killed due to the bond humans have with their cell phones. Now, we’re on a high-speed chase seeking short cuts and of course, technology is aiding and abetting. A “hands-free text messaging” assistant might seem like an excellent idea. It even made  Forbes’s list of the “Top 8 ‘Killer New Car-App’ features for 2013.  But honestly? It’s another way we’ve found to satisfy the “right now” mentality mankind adopted the moment technology zoomed beyond simple computers and televisions with antennae. We’ve just got to have it when we want it and we want it now, right?

Negative. According to a study conducted by Triple A, the hands-free texting assistant doesn’t create the joy ride you think it will. It only increases distraction surpassing that of hand-held device operation. After all, texting is texting with or without the hand because your brain power remains compromised. You still must use your brain to listen to text messages, evaluate them and formulate responses. The assistant exists to assist you in texting–not think for you. Check it out:

We need to be steering technology–NOT letting technology steer us. Sometimes we just don’t need technology like we think we do. We can’t just renege on safety values because a new technology toy emerged onto the market. I know I’ve quoted before that “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu” but I also believe everything on the table doesn’t have to be up for grabs.

Purchase (and text) wisely.

5 thoughts on “Texting & Driving: Is Letting Technology Take the Wheel Good or Not?

  1. After our discussion today I had to come and read this post for myself! :-)
    I agree that there is still an element of distraction with texts even if your hands are free, but it creates a tough call in a way. It’s not illegal to have a conversation with a passenger in your car even if that is equally distracting, and we can listen to music. It can be tough to draw a line with mobile technology on where the distraction level becomes unreasonable. Obviously most would agree that looking down and typing while driving is a bad idea, but the question of whether it becomes no more obtrusive than other things we routinely do in the car and whether that would make it okay is definitely worthy of discussion.

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