Internet security

1Billion+ Passwords Stolen by Russian Hackers! Are You Safe?

A Russian hacker crew stole over 1 billion internet user name and password combinations, in case you didn’t know. Can’t you just hear Good Times’ James Evans saying, “Those d*** computers!” I can. Most people want to go into detail about how they got them. I say, it doesn’t matter because they have them. Others question which…

one size fits all

Business Trend Alert: One Size Fits All is DEAD

You’ve got so many people communicating to your target market when you aren’t, so what do you say when you’ve got their attention? What about you appeals to their zest for the innovative and downright cool? I can tell you this: Whatever “it” is, you’re going to look outside of the box for “it” and make “it” your own. Develop a business model that fits your needs, abilities, resources AND target market. Trying to be the Wal-Mart of your industry won’t make you great. Trying to be the best “YOU” of your industry will.

Drowning Businessman

Plan B, C, D & Everything Else

“Quitters never win. Winners never quit.” “Go, go, go!”   “Stay the course!” These are the few things I’ve heard when it comes to motivation–especially for entrepreneurs. There have been I’ve become so dedicated to not being seen as a quitter (loser), that I’d hold on to things even when they were losing anyway. You…

internet bad

The Web Isn’t Turning Us Into Villains. We Are.

It’s like the chicken or the egg thing: Is technology turning us into villains or are we using our technology to act our villainous transgressions? Another important question: Is there really that much negativity online or is all the positivity overlooked and underappreciated? Additionally, is the internet a place for businesses anymore, considering the negativity?…

FB and twitter

Can’t Beat ‘Em? Join ‘Em: Facebook’s #Twitter Adaptation

Has anyone noticed that Facebook’s adopted some of “Twitter” into their site functions? They now have “trending topics” and clickable “hashtags”–both of which are indigenous components of Twitter’s basic infrastructure. What’s trending right now on Facebook? Hobby Lobby. Breaking Bad. And Serena Williams. On Twitter? Canada Day. World Cup. Wimbledon. Both sites are catering to a…