Success Failure Photo

Join The Club of Successful Failures!

I recently discovered the Club of Successful Failures and I’m ready to be 100% committed in my membership! A ‘successful failure’ is someone whose dreams failed many times before they achieved actual success. ‘Successful failures’ are not bad people. People like Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein and Walt Disney all failed several times before actually realizing their…

Bill and Delila Zumba

What Salsa with My Wife Taught Me!

So my wife and I just tried Zumba and Salsa dancing for the first time last week! In the salsa class, I started off just trying to get it right. So there I am shuffling, moving, wringing and twisting. I was trying so hard to follow the instructor step by step.  My wife? Well, I…

Space Needle

Rollercoasters & Business: Don’t Miss the Main Attraction!

While my friends enjoyed roller coasters, yelling in excitement and terror at the top of their lungs? I was on the ground eating over-priced fries. Amusement parks (the best ones) usually primarily feature roller coasters. They’re the main attractions. And I missed a heck of a lot of them.That’s a lesson I keep with me today when I’m involved in figurative roller coasters. We’ve all got to learn to navigate them and even appreciate them.

confused face

The Technology Center: Addressing the Confusion

“Close your eyes and envision a safe, welcoming place where you can fuel your business and ideas—a greenhouse for your creativity, comfort and connections. We welcome you through the Technology Center doors into a landscape of acceptance. Here, we make room for everything out of the box. We thrive on “different”, guiding new and established businesses…

Drowning Businessman

Plan B, C, D & Everything Else

“Quitters never win. Winners never quit.” “Go, go, go!”   “Stay the course!” These are the few things I’ve heard when it comes to motivation–especially for entrepreneurs. There have been I’ve become so dedicated to not being seen as a quitter (loser), that I’d hold on to things even when they were losing anyway. You…